Gratis online Beginner Buikdans cursus.

Geef je op voor mijn buikdanslessen in Amsterdam of online!

 Wil jij leren buikdansen? Dan ben je hier op de juiste plek. Ik geef buikdanslessen op elk niveau in mijn eigen Heartbeat Dance Studio in Amsterdam en online.

De lessen zijn fun en uitdagend. Je leert buikdanstechnieken en algemene danstechnieken. Je leert prachtige choreografieën dansen op je eigen niveau.

I have noticed, that one can have the best technique in the world, but if one doesn’t have the charisma and that bright smile that comes from within himself/herself, it is impossible to have own style and

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to lift the audience or share positive those vibes. That is something that must be felt. Or someone can be a great dancer, but a bad teacher. You Aisa have all those attributes, being a great dancer and amazing teacher. And besides all that you are not stuck up, instead, you are very pleasant, available, open for discussions and fun to talk to. And as a teacher I think you are wonderful, first you have a beautiful soul, it is something you can feel, then teaching us the dance, technique but also allowing us to develop our own style.

I decided to pick Aisa as my teacher because I love her style and her performances and videos really inspire me. And I did a very good choice! She helped me a lot in taking control of all movements.

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She’s very clear in the explanations and she pays attention at all details. I love her commitment and she transmits this to the pupils as well – which is so inspiring.


Federica Galli

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