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As a passionate bellydance lover you want to grabevery opportunity to bellydance. I get it, I feel the same! Although you cantotally do that at any event where there is music, it can feel a bit awkward.Besides, you will miss the bellydance music, it just feels weird showing offall your moves to techno. You need the beautiful oriental music that tells youwhere to throw in a shimmie or a hipdrop. I get it, I really do. 

For you especially, my dear fellow bellydanceenthusiast, I organize bellydance events. I want you to have your very specialnight out, listening to the music you love, dancing the dance you love. 

Every year since 2009 (except in 2016), I organize myglamorous Orientalicious gala party featuring bellydance stars from all overthe world. It is a show in a theatrical setting, unique in it’s kind. 

A few times every year I organize a bellydance partyin Syriana. National and international bellydancers and myself perform on theseevenings. There is also plenty of time for you to kill it on the dance floor. 

I amalso regularly invited to other bellydance events, I will keep you updatedabout those events.


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